S.H. Shouse: Snowden’s layover limbo

July 9, 2013 

Layover limbo

Whatever punishment is eventually given to Edward Snowden, it surely cannot be any more exquisite than the one he has found for himself.

With a real genius for irony, Snowden, a self-proclaimed champion of government transparency, turned to the extremely opaque Vladimir Putin to ask for sanctuary from the United States government. Having been turned down, Snowden, we are told, now finds himself living in the Moscow airport.

Anyone who has done much air travel is acquainted with the agonies of the long layover: the boredom, the crowds, the uncomfortable chairs, the smelly restrooms and of course the expensive bad food. But imagine not being able to leave, desperately texting one Banana Republic after another, asking whether you can call it home. Those of us who find Snowden’s actions reprehensible may take some comfort in thinking about him wandering the airport departure areas, unable to depart.

As he eats yet another ham sandwich and begins yet another paperback who-done-it, he hopefully is having a second thought or two.

S.H. Shouse, Chapel Hill

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