Robert D. Brown: Hofmann not worth keeping

July 10, 2013 

Not worth keeping

As the issue of selling the Hofmann Forest has been hashed and rehashed in The N&O multiple times, I am surprised that Dr. Ron Sutherland’s piece was printed July 10. Apparently the naysayers have little concern for the future of the College of Natural Resources or for future students or faculty.

It has been stated and proved by evidence that the Hofmann Forest has been little used for research or teaching. Income from the forest has declined nearly 60 percent. Sale of the forest will provide the largest endowment of its kind in the world. Interest from that endowment will fund undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, lecturers, research technicians, student advisers and clubs, field trips and study abroad programs, upgraded and new facilities and equipment and myriad other activities that will ensure CNR is the premier college of natural resources in the world.

It’s time to get rid of this albatross!

Robert D. Brown

Former dean, College of Natural Resources (2006-2012), N.C. State, Cary

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