Kathryn Freeman: Don’t judge ‘deadbeats’

July 10, 2013 

Don’t judge ‘deadbeats’

Regarding “Confessions of a conservative ‘deadbeat’ ” by David Bozeman (July 9 Point of View): I hear ya!

I am a single, 55-year-old female who has just moved back in with her mother because I have not been able to get a job. Unemployment benefits gone. Retirement funds – already spent! Health insurance – what is that? This is the second time that I’ve been out of a job in the last four years after a history of always having long employment periods. It’s not just the conservatives who think we’re deadbeats! There are those people who really do not have a clue what this unemployment or even underemployment thing is like. And if you’re 45 or older, it’s really tough.

I have applied for so many jobs that I can’t even tell you about all of them. I’m either overqualified, not qualified enough, didn’t use right keywords in my cover letter and resume so it went into “the black hole.”

I love working. I love helping others. I want to work. Unless you’ve walked in my shoes, don’t judge me.

Kathryn Freeman


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