Raleigh police say man was tossing marijuana from car window

From Staff ReportsJuly 12, 2013 

— Police charged two men with marijuana possession Thursday night, and officers charged one of them with destroying evidence, saying he was opening bags of the leafy drug and scattering it out a car window onto Poole Road.

Nigel Juan Cruz Jr., 24, and Marcus Antonio Meeks, 28, were in a rented Chrysler that police stopped, according to police.

Each was charged with possession of 60 grams of marijuana with intent to sell or distribute it and with maintaining the rental car as a place to keep and sell drugs.

Officers also charged Cruz under a section of state law that makes it a felony to alter or destroy evidence, though it says evidence is something in police possession.

Cruz was, Officer David W. Deach said in an arrest warrant, “breaking up bags of marijuana and throwing them out of the passenger window from a moving vehicle.”

Police finally arrested the two men at 3416 Poole Road.

Cruz, of 112 Jerry Drive in Cary, was being held in lieu of $100,000 bail for a court appearance on Friday.

Meeks, who police listed on an arrest report as working as a plumber but having no permanent address, also was being held in lieu of $100,000 and was scheduled for a Friday court appearance.

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