Susan Bray: Protesters love U.S.

July 13, 2013 

Protesters love U.S.

I am a “Moral Monday” arrestee. How ironic since I’m the demographic the GOP should be courting, not angering.

I’ve had good jobs, saved my money and am fiscally conservative. So why would I feel compelled to commit civil disobedience? Because I’m the product of public schools and universities, and I value educational quality for all, not just the rich.

I’ve been a single mom and remember the lifeline of unemployment insurance. My husband’s health history made it hard to get health insurance until he reached Medicare eligibility.

In short, I recognize that if government is needed, it needs to be there for people, not just businesses, and I feel our legislators need to treat all citizens, gay and straight, respectfully. Which is not how our legislature is behaving. So I protested and was arrested.

All in all, not that traumatic and yet ever-so life-changing. Standing up for something I believe in, even if there are consequences, means really examining what is important to me. Practicing civil disobedience doesn’t mean we don’t value or love this state and country. On the contrary, I think it means we love it very much.

Susan Bray


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