Timothy P. Dwyer: Balance, moderation required

July 13, 2013 

Moderation required

The News & Observer obviously believes the “Moral Monday” protests are a big news story given the nearly daily articles. It’s hard for me to understand why a few thousand protesters garner such media attention in a state with over 6 million registered voters, 4.3 million of whom voted in 2008.

The “Moral Monday” protesters and the “tea party” activists are at political polar opposites, with one wanting to preserve government entitlements and maintain the current number of public sector jobs and the other demanding lower taxes and smaller government.

Most reasonable, moderate people would agree that the government should help people in trouble while also maintaining some balance between taxation and spending to avoid huge deficits and the negative effect on job creation. The answer is in working toward fiscal moderation rather in the extreme agendas being pushed by fringe groups.

Timothy P. Dwyer

Southern Pines

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