Kristy Hansen: Freedom must be protected

July 13, 2013 

Protect freedom

In this day of social media and rapid communication, it’s easy to speak of our frustrations and vent our anger to the world at large. With N.C.’s political climate as heated and divided as it currently is, I’m seeing that frustration and anger all too much lately.

I’m reminded of an aphorism I came across recently: “Promote what you love; don’t bash what you hate.”

To that end, I’d like to offer these words: I love that the people of my state are not standing by idly. I love the sound of their voices filled with passion. I love their refusal to be tricked, their insistence that they be heard and their determination to bring light to chicanery born under the cover of night.

I also love honesty, integrity and a spirit of humility from our lawmakers and ask that they live by these values. I love standing behind one’s word, and ask that our governor do so by fulfilling his promise. Above all, I love the freedom that we all have over our bodies and our deeply personal decisions, and I pray that that freedom is protected, always.

Kristy Hansen


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