Chris Mazzara: Reckless disregard

July 13, 2013 

Reckless disregard

I am proud of my wife, my daughter and the thousands of other women and men who have rallied in Raleigh, despite rain, heat and humidity, to give a piece of their mind to the Republican majority in the General Assembly, which sorely needs it.

These demonstrations might have deterred an earlier generation of legislators by shaming them, but this new regime is shameless as well as reckless – it couldn’t care less whom or what it harms. The state GOP is also remarkably shortsighted, as I think the 2014 elections will show.

Sadly, legislation written not with pen and ink but with a wrecking ball will have caused by then a great deal more damage than it has already to the lives of the state’s inhabitants and, incidentally, to the state’s reputation, which is what draws so many people and businesses to North Carolina.

The “Moral Monday” rallies are a testament of the popular voice, and they will have performed a valuable service if they make the electorate sufficiently aware of its best interests during the next 16 months to return to obscurity the cast of Republican characters trying to prove themselves more than bit players on the stage of government and determined to do it at all costs, provided that others bear them.

Chris Mazzara


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