William Bolick: Christensen nailed it

July 13, 2013 

Nailed it

Hallelujah, the Old Reliable is back. Rob Christensen’s July 7 column, “Tar Heel branding takes a hit,” describing the costly economic ramifications to North Carolina of having an Ohio-born do-nothing Republican governor paired with a feckless band of do-nothing-right Republican legislators (led by Florida-born Thom Tillis and New York-born Phil Berger) was a long-past-due call to reckoning.

The current unholy trinity of the governor, the Republican leadership and the N.C. Republican Party threatens to destroy the hard-won national and global business partnerships forged by previous administrations. Intent on imposing their cockeyed social prejudices and historical fictions upon the residents of a once-respected and, yes, progressive Southern state, they risk turning N.C. into a business pariah. (State Republican Party chairman Claude Pope’s hysterical screed, “No ‘morality’ in pesky protesters,” in the June 23 edition provided an unintentionally embarrassing summary of what passes for Republican ideas these days.)

But, praise be, Christensen’s commentary was only the beginning. His opening shot was supported by the editorial-page salvo “Four kings,” a good old-fashioned liberal knockout punch of the schoolyard bullies personified by the Republican leadership in the legislature and its figurehead of a governor hiding in the executive mansion. Genius.

Who cares where the governor is? Welcome back, N&O!

William Bolick, Raleigh

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