Jim Avery: Article disrespects vegans

July 14, 2013 

Article disrespects vegans

A July 10 article in the Life, Etc. section was at best misleading and at worst disrespectful to vegans. The headline, “A pasta-and-cheese dish that even vegans might like,” drew me in because I’ve searched unsuccessfully for a good cheese substitute.

The article provided no cheese substitute. It was simply a story about how the author persuaded some part-time vegans to abandon their choice for a day and eat his cheese dish.

Most vegans made their choice to eliminate meat and dairy for good reasons, generally health or ethics based. No vegan is willing to make an exception because something might taste good. To suggest otherwise in your headline was deceptive and disrespectful to the many vegans who read your paper.

Jim Avery

Wake Forest

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