Lee Hortman: Shooting down liberal bias

July 14, 2013 

Shooting it down

Now that Chicago and Cook County in Illinois have allowed private citizens the ability to obtain permits to carry firearms, we will finally find out whether conceal-carry laws improve crime statistics.

I am sure the left is scared to death that it will actually work. The thugs have always had guns; the laws simply kept guns from legal-minded citizens. Now that all may legally carry, therefore reducing defenseless targets for the thugs and inevitably reducing crime, I wonder how the left will spin it. Will it simply ignore it? Will it say the reduction in crime is not worth having more guns out there?

The liberties of a few million people just increased a wee bit, and that is something the left simply cannot allow. Responsible, legal gun ownership must be abolished. Let’s all watch and see how the left demonizes this wonderful increase of liberty.

Lee Hortman

Wake Forest

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