Vonna Viglione: Duke Energy owns McCrory

July 14, 2013 

DEP owns McCrory

I have to disagree with your July 7 editorial observation in “Four kings” that Gov. Pat McCrory has been “passive.” That description is true, with one major and glaringly obvious distinction. This “former” career employee of Duke Energy Progress has been very active in clearing away any possible semblance of oversight or regulation for his “former” employer.

Perhaps the reason the governor has “outsourced” or “delegated” so much of his work is that he’s been putting in a lot of overtime making sure that the safeguards and guardians of the public’s interests have been “dealt” with.

And that includes the slow walking of the approval of the fracking process, too. He can’t allow that to go full steam ahead before the taxpayers are on the hook for Duke’s proposed natural gas refinery, can he? I mean that’s worth billions of tax and ratepayer dollars. Heaven forbid that sustainable or alternative sources gain public support before that profit maker gets approved.

The governor isn’t passive when it comes to serving his primary constituent – Duke Energy Progress. Is it any wonder that we have splintered leadership? It’s every man for himself. The well-being of our state or its people don’t even enter into it.

Vonna Viglione


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