All hands not on...

July 14, 2013 

Uh, oh. The July issue of Governing magazine includes an article by former Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser highlighting News & Observer articles about emails showing Raleigh City Council members wanted a more hands-on role in Raleigh government just before they fired Russell Allen, a popular city manager for a dozen years.

The city traditionally has placed most power in the manager’s office, and that’s worked.

The article may cause problems in the new manager search, and frankly that’s something council members have brought on themselves. Council member Mary Ann Baldwin, who opposed Allen’s firing, says council members need to demonstrate they’re not trying to get too involved in running the city, which would be off-putting to candidates.

Hmm ... maybe some ads that say, “In Raleigh, no hands are on deck.” Or, “In Raleigh, you won’t even know the council’s there.” Or, “Raleigh Council changes name to ‘Pals just offering advice.’ ”

And if that didn’t work, perhaps the council could change the manager’s title to “Sovereign of the Raleigh Realm.” Oh ... that may belong to Gov. Pat McCrory’s guru, Art Pope.

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