Bush’s own light

July 16, 2013 

He is one of the good guys, something on which friend and foe agree. Those who disagreed with the politics of President George H.W. Bush always recognized his heroism in World War II and his genuine and sincere faith in his country and in the goodness of people. Time also has allowed Bush to be given justifiable credit for managing the end of the Cold War effectively.

Enduring 20 years after the end of Bush’s presidency is his Points of Light program, which rewards volunteers who make their country and the world better.

This week, the former president joined President Obama to make the Daily Point of Light award, number 5,000, to an Iowa couple who started an organization that provides free meals to hungry children in 15 countries.

Obama, in speaking of Bush, noted “how bright a light you shine.” He also recognized Bush’s vigor at age 89. Though Bush now uses a wheelchair, he did a parachute jump at age 85 and has been a model for people staying physically active even as they grow older. He remains upbeat and positive.

President Bill Clinton, who took the White House from the elder Bush in 1992, now counts himself as one of Bush’s admirers. Clinton came to understand the burdens of the presidency and the importance of the time Bush spent in office, and he appreciated Bush’s personal integrity.

Americans have come to realize that George H.W. Bush made his country and his world better, too.

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