Connie Domino: Fracking ‘right thing to do’?

July 16, 2013 

Awaiting Skvarla

I was delighted to read the July 13 letter “McCrory’s important role in ad” by John E. Skvarla.

Skvarla describes his support for the importance of testing well water. He stated, “Nearly 25 percent of North Carolinians get their drinking water from private wells, so this is an issue that affects millions.” He goes on to describe how impressed he was with Gov. Pat McCrory, who appointed him eight months ago. He said that McCrory’s hallmark question during every meeting is, “What is the right thing to do?”

I can hardly wait to see the letter Skvarla will surely pen decrying the plans for fracking in our state. I am certain he will use statistics and explain how fracking has been proven not only to poison people’s drinking water but also to make it flammable. He will talk about how this can adversely affect millions of people in our state. He will describe how the governor supports transparency regarding this issue and actually directed him to “do the right thing.” The people of North Carolina await Skvarla’s response.

Connie Domino, Raleigh

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