Neil Stahl: Landry non-renewable

July 16, 2013 


Marc Landry devoted his July 10 column, “A solution with no problem,” to ending North Carolina’s commitment to renewable energy, which he justifies by claiming there’s no problem with our nonrenewable energy sources.

On Earth there are lots of problems with using nonrenewable energy. Much of our oil comes from the Middle East, where we spend billions of dollars a year (aid, troops, wars) to keep it available to us. Newer oil from really deep sea wells is expensive. Oil from tar sands is expensive and very dirty and transporting it is dangerous as recent events have shown. Coal is dirty (“clean coal?” maybe in a hundred years!) and unhealthy and dangerous. Natural gas is better, but we’re getting it by fracking, which endangers land and water tables and uses more water than most places have to spare.

And of course there’s global warming. Virtually all climate scientists acknowledge it’s happening, and we’re causing or contributing to it. Landry is apparently ignoring the science and accepting Big Oil’s counter claims. Global warming will hurt most people and could end human life. Yet Landry is pretending it away.

Neil Stahl, Chapel Hill

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