Dennis Welch: Landry not energized

July 16, 2013 

Running on fumes

In his July 10 column “A solution looking for a problem,” Mark Landry eschews N.C. solar energy successes: “Given enough subsidies, any economic activity can thrive.” Apparently, he didn’t “bother looking things up,” as he cautions his readers to do.

Had he researched beyond the “Denver Business News,” an avid promoter of fracking and by no means a reliable independent source, he would know that the fossil-fuel and nuclear-power industries have been heavily subsidized and continue to be. Because Landry doesn’t see these subsidies in his Duke Energy Progress bills, he fumes over the monthly 42 cents paid for the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard.

His column neglects also the vast preponderance of scientific evidence on the effects and costs of fossil fuels (including methane and other natural gases) on climate change and people’s health. Tropical Storm Sandy alone cost $68 billion in damages! How much of that is being paid for by the fossil fuel industry? By taxpayers?

REPS is about transitioning prudently to a safer and more sustainable energy future.

Dennis Welch, Cary

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