Evan K. Miller: Not praiseworthy

July 17, 2013 

Not praiseworthy

John Skvarla’s effusive praise for Gov. Pat McCrory was too much in his July 13 letter. Defending his boss’ appearance in a TV spot on the importance of well-water testing, the DENR secretary characterized it as “one more indication of his passion to do what is right and more importantly of the results we can expect from his leadership.” Huh?

On another page, communications director Kim Genardo tried to untangle his deceptive remarks about listening to the Monday protesters. Surely McCrory must realize that no amount of damage control can muffle the groans coming from all quarters of the state and beyond. Yet he continues daily to disappoint voters who expected a moderate with a good track record.

He caved in on abortion and on a revenue-neutral tax plan. Ironically, the revenue shortfall projected over five years is $2.4 billion, just the amount needed to repay debt owed Washington and extend weekly benefits for 170,000 desperate unemployed citizens. Even worse is the folly of denying 500,000 low-income residents health care and refusing to expand Medicaid.

How the Republican leaders beaming from the July 16 front page can be so smug and satisfied with themselves is beyond belief.

Evan K. Miller, Sanford

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