Anthony Waraksa: Let police deal with suspicious activity

July 17, 2013 

Let police intervene

On National Night Out, the first Tuesday in August, many of us who are concerned with neighborhood and community safety will be talking about the Zimmerman case but not the sensational aspects of it that seem to dominate the news.

The most important lesson to be learned is if a citizen sees what seems to be suspicious activity, do not intervene, do not question the suspicious character. Instead, immediately call 911. Our emergency communications teams and the police department are justifiably proud of their response times and will usually have an officer on the scene in minutes. Someone considering committing a crime will have second thoughts if a police officer drives by and asks a few questions.

It’s better to defer crime than to prosecute a criminal, and our crime prevention officers tell us they would rather respond to false alarms than to have someone not call in a suspicious activity that might be a precursor to a crime.

The death caused by that sequence of events in Florida is a reminder that enforcement is best left to the professionals.

Anthony Waraksa

Community Watch Coordinator, Grove Park


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