Raleigh police recover 11 stolen guns, charge two men, 18

From staff reportsJuly 18, 2013 

— Police investigating a reported suspicious car recovered 11 stolen guns and arrested two 18-year-old Raleigh men on a dead-end downtown street early Wednesday morning.

Erik Timothy Stammers of 4309 Oak Park Road and James Alexander Russo of 2901 Hostetler St. were arrested in the 500 block of Washington Street, off Glenwood Avenue and a short ways from where the street stops at railroad tracks.

Both were charged with felony breaking and entering, larceny of a firearm, felony larceny after breaking and entering, possession of marijuana with intent to sell and distribute it and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Stammers was charged with two counts each of breaking and entering and two of larceny after that.

Russo faced additional charges of possession of stolen property and possession of burglar’s tools.

Officers had been dispatched to Washington Street after police got a call about a suspicious car in a parking lot there, spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

When they got there, they found Stammers and Russo in a car with two other people and, while questioning them, found the guns, Sughrue said.

“Someone did what we are always asking people to do: Call if you see something you think is suspicious,” Sughrue noted.

Arrest warrants cited July 15 and 16 for the break-ins in Stammers’ case, both at a house in the neighborhood where he lives, and July 15 for Russo.

Both men were accused of taking a handgun and 10 rifles and shotguns taken from the house.

The second count against Stammers charged that a Kindle e-reader was taken.

In an arrest warrant for Russo, police said the burglar’s tools were a hammer, a chisel and a key to the house from which the guns were taken.

Both men were due in court Thursday, and were being held pending that appearance.

Stammers’ bail was set at $53,500 and Russo’s at $44,000.

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