State Sen. Neal Hunt: Let county commission do its job

July 18, 2013 

Obvious benefits

I noted in the July 15 news story “Schools bill could affect bonds” that Rev. Earl Johnson, president of the Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association, stated his organization would “continue to fight against any school construction bonds as long as they are in the hands of the county commissioners.”

He wrote that SB 236, which I sponsored, was “politically motivated.”

I should point out that in 2010, 2011 and 2012, the Wake County commissioners unanimously voted, including all Democrats and Republicans, to take the responsibility of Wake County school construction away from the school board and give it to the county commissioners.

Extremely bad real estate decisions by the school board led to this unanimous decision.

Other obvious benefits of this legislation include the elimination of duplicate construction offices and the fact that county commissions pay no sales taxes while school boards do.

The county board of commissioners has the responsibility of raising the revenue we need for school construction. We should now grant its request and give it the authority to make sure that money is spent wisely.

State Sen. Neal Hunt


The writer, a Republican, represents N.C. District 15.

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