Hylton Lawrence: Any Rural Center by-laws?

July 18, 2013 

Any by-laws?

Regarding the July 18 article “McCrory says Hall should quit”: I guess our governor cannot just fire the director at the N.C. Rural Development Center. He needs to be indicted. I cannot understand the board of directors allowing things to progress as they have there.

After retiring (32 years) from one of the largest consumer product companies in the U.S., I worked as executive director for the United Way in my area. My board of directors was always aware of all of our financial business. We required agencies receiving funding to document how they spent the funds we provided as directed by the by-laws.

I doubt a 50-person board is very effective. Why would it put over $200,000 in a severance account for the director? Certainly the chairperson and the whole board of directors should be made to leave. I wonder whether this board had a set of by-laws. What a waste of funds.

Hylton Lawrence


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