Frank Woody: No morals in ‘Monday’ crowd

July 18, 2013 

Misused ‘moral’

Your July 15 front-page headline “Verdict spurs racial dialogue” was accompanied by a picture of a young black person holding a sign “stop the war on black America.”

There must have been a typo because it should have read “stop the black-on-black war in America” inasmuch as 90-plus percent of the crime and killings against blacks is perpetrated by blacks.

Why not a front page story on that reality?

Second, where is the “moral” aspect in “Moral Monday”? There is nothing moral about differences in political views.

To promote the use of that word gives credence where it does not belong.

Further, this “Moral Monday” crowd has already cost N.C. three times the cost of Gov. Pat McCrory’s inauguration and (speaking of moral) generally stands for unfettered abortion.

Rarely mentioned in your pages is the fact that N.C. almost bankrupted itself by merrily giving away the state to that portion of the population that would prefer to live off our productive citizens.

And despite some of the highest taxes in this country, previous decades of Democrat leadership still managed to give it away faster than it came in. And McCrory is destroying the economy? Wow!

Frank Woody

Chapel Hill

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