6 ways to make your bedroom feel more spacious

Scripps-Howard News ServiceJuly 19, 2013 

Did Mom ever tell you to put your things away? There was a reason for that.

No matter how spacious it is, a messy bedroom will look cluttered and small if clothes are left on the floor or magazines are thrown everywhere or piles of other things are left out. A smaller bedroom will seem especially tiny if there’s clutter all over. An orderly place is the basis for good design and open space. Everything should have a place and everything should be put back in that place when you don’t need it.

OK, now that the room is clean, let’s see how to best use every inch of it.

Corner storage: Find a corner etagere or a corner dresser or nightstand that can be used for storage. If you can’t find exactly the right piece, build it. Attach corner shelves to the wall and you’ll have places for books and knickknacks.

Secret storage: There is room under the bed for storage. If you get a high frame to lift the bed a few extra inches off the floor, you will have even more room for storage. To hide what you stow there, use a dust ruffle. It will also add color and style. There are containers that fit nicely under the bed. It is much easier to pull out a container than to grab and pull random items out to try to find something.

Keep colors light: Of course, paint and decorate the room in your favorite colors. But to open the space, make those colors light. Bold or dark colors will make the room feel closed in. You can accent in dark or bold colors, but walls and fabrics should be light. Furniture finishes, too, should be light.

Illuminate without clutter: Lighting is important. The more light, the brighter and more open the room will appear. But too many lamps will create clutter, so try for wall sconces and ceiling-mounted or flush lights.

Organize your closet: Does the room have a closet? If so, get it organized with a closet system for maximum use of space. A closet expert will be able to tell you what will work best for your particular storage needs.

Walls: The walls in the room will do well with little decoration. One or three wall hangings should be all you need.

Well, there you have it. Don’t forget to put your things away.

Friedmann: DsgnQuest@aol.com

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