William Mooney: Writer wrong about New York

July 19, 2013 

Off-base on New York

The July 12 letter “Just liberal noise” was a typical kneejerk response to a serious criticism of our state and its current direction by the New York Times editorial staff. The letter-writer criticized the paper and the city of New York as liberally biased and did not address a single fact reported in the editorial.

Are we 46th in the country in per-capita education spending? Are we cutting funding for pre-K programs that have been proven successful? Are we restricting access to the voting ballot?

The letter-writer’s image of New York seems to be based on the New York of the 1970s and not based on the facts of the past 20 years. Even the once-infamous Bowery neighborhood is now littered with real estate signs stating “starting at $2 million” on corners where homeless people used to huddle.

Maybe the letter-writer meant to quote the famous Yankee, Yogi Berra, when he claimed that people are moving out of New York: “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too popular.”

William Mooney


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