Charles Ling: Blockbuster or bomb?

July 19, 2013 

Blockbuster or bomb?

If you compare the current administration’s endeavors to making a movie, it makes it easier to understand politics. The lead actor is Gov. Pat McCrory. The director is the General Assembly, and the producers are Art Pope and other wealthy Republicans.

The star actor has followed the script exactly as the director has dictated, which makes the producers very happy. This horror movie has been in production only six months and already has drawn grave reviews from major newspapers. Also, the clergy and other concerned citizens want this production to stop due to the content, and they are demonstrating!

If the movie is a success, the actor might get another role, the director gets acclaim and the producers get a healthy return on their investment. However, should the movie be a flop, the actor returns to Charlotte without another role, and the director loses respect. The producers are the only ones involved who still will make good due to the tax cuts made during the production.

Charles Ling, Cary

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