Virgil Early: The end game

July 19, 2013 

The end game

The editorial board of the New York Times believes North Carolina to be in decline because the current administration is tinkering with some of the Times’ favorite issues, aka the liberal agenda. Likewise the editors of the Wall Street Journal believe the USA to be in decline because the Obama administration is tinkering with some of WSJ’s favorite issues, aka the conservative agenda. As we say, it’s a diverse country, and democracy is a messy business.

Richard Dawkins once said about those who disagreed with him on another issue that they were ignorant, stupid or evil. That seems to be the attitude of many vocal North Carolina liberals and conservatives about each other. We are right and they are ignorant, stupid or evil.

Why would anyone try to understand the point of view of those from whom they have no respect? If our side is completely right and theirs is completely wrong, why would we compromise? Let’s win. Gerrymander, spin, whatever it takes. Civilization itself is on the line.

God help us.

Virgil Early, Smithfield

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