L.F. Eason: Justice costly

July 20, 2013 

Justice costly

Prosecution of a high-profile criminal is difficult. Courts are packed. Budgets are cut to the marrow. High-profile cases draw defense attorneys like sharks to blood. The prosecution is shackled to the few remaining resources. O.J., Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman walked.

Paradoxically, criminals without notoriety are consistently outgunned by the prosecution, doing years in prison for lesser crimes. Rather than blind, justice is a well-oiled machine defined by the top dollar.

From the time Zimmerman disobeyed 911 and got out of his car, he was guilty. Manslaughter required two things: Trayvon was dead, and Zimmerman killed him with or without malice.

The fact that he was losing the fight after attacking a kid who was younger and stronger did not negate those facts. It’s not a stand your ground case. It wasn’t Zimmerman’s ground.

Zimmerman is the poster child for us who believe in well-regulated gun ownership. A person of his mentality should never be issued a permit to carry a weapon. Unfortunately, the majority of those with permits are of a similar vigilante mindset.

Thus O.J. remarries, Casey’s pregnant and George Zimmerman gets his gun back to play cop. Justice pockets its profits.

L.F. Eason


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