Jennifer A. Holloran: Rip current warning system needed

July 20, 2013 

Rip current alerts

On the week before the July 4 weekend during which Judge Mitchell McLean and six others were killed by riptides off the North and South Carolina coasts, my husband was also a victim of those currents during our vacation on Oak Island.

He was pulled far out away from shore and exhausted himself coming back to land. This caused him to experience a massive heart attack. Miraculously, he survived both the near drowning and the heart attack, but we are still waiting to see the permanent damage to his heart. Afterward, he spent a week in New Hanover County Hospital, most of the time in cardiac intensive care.

My husband is 44. He is an experienced swimmer who learned how to swim before he could walk. He is not a reckless person. If there had been any indication that there were dangerous currents, he would have stayed out of the water.

A simple flag system or posted sign that currents were strong would have saved my family enormous sums of money and countless hours of fear. Brunswick County needs to wake up and change its policies immediately.

Jennifer A. Halloran


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