Fran McCullough: Harris Teeter trumps Kroger

July 21, 2013 

Teeter trumps Kroger

Josh Shaffer’s July 15 column, “A lament for Harris Teeter, homegrown grocery,” on our impending loss of the Harris Teeter grocery stores, at least as we know them, struck home.

At the Teeter you can get the best avocados, the best celery, even fresh Hatch chiles at the end of summer.

But the single most remarkable thing about the Teeter is its meat, produced on its very own ranches. The premium ground chuck, with the purple label, is the tastiest I’ve ever bought, anywhere, and that includes years of living in New York and northern California.

Do we think Kroger is likely to go into the ranching business? It would be a smart move, actually, to keep the ranches and promote that as a sign of its commitment to the Teeter quality brand.

Fran McCullough, Hillsborough

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