Is turnout for 'Thankful Tuesday' too tiny?

July 21, 2013 

We don’t know whether Gov. Pat McCrory, who had to clarify an implication that he’d mixed in with “Moral Monday” protesters when he really hadn’t, was mixing it up with “Thankful Tuesday” demonstrators last week. But they could have used him. About 200 conservative supporters of the Republican turn-back-the-clock policies in the General Assembly arrived to answer the “Moral Monday” protests of the past several weeks.

That’s compared with the crowds of 1,500 to 3,000 or so citizens who have been coming on Mondays before the legislature convenes to protest a series of ill-conceived decisions by Republican lawmakers.

What’s wrong here? Conservatives don’t like the summer heat? So anti-government they don’t want to be near the legislature?

Or – and we’re just going by the message in the numbers here – maybe the tea party has gone Democratic, or as they used to say, Democrat. Uh, oh.

Let’s hope the tea partyers have their people out this afternoon.

If they see the governor in the “Moral Monday” crowd, it’ll be time to circle the wagons.

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