Jerry W. Leonard: Foes need understanding

July 22, 2013 

Seek understanding

It is very discouraging that the process of competing demonstrations has become a part of our political experience in the United States and, more particularly, here in N.C. This illustrates that calm, measured dialogue between persons of differing views is in danger of being lost.

In this process, there’s no understanding that other good people have honestly arrived at different and polarized opinions, that each may want to unselfishly do right. Now each is defensive and, therefore, intolerant of the other’s views. Debate and the possibility of gaining a thorough understanding of the issues as they affect everyone, not just one’s unique position, become very difficult. The ability to reconcile for the common good is lost.

I cannot submit that a great, peaceful, respectful debate can occur on Halifax Field between the “Moral Monday” and “Thankful Tuesday” folks. What I do submit and urge is that people from all sides reach out to people who might have opposing political views, persons whom they trust and admire as well-meaning people, in an effort to understand the other’s position, with the goal of making our society better, without sacrificing more dreams than are necessary.

Jerry W. Leonard


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