Nancy Milio: McCrory not listening

July 22, 2013 

McCrory not responding

Regarding the July 16 editorial “McCrory malaise”: I want to add to your commentary on Gov. Pat McCrory’s defense of his administration in the New York Times. He talked about corporate interests but did not mention the people of North Carolina. He did not say that the unemployment rate is almost the worst in the country, that the teachers are among the lowest paid and workers the least organized, and that his “reforms” are drastic budget cuts.

He spoke of his collaborative efforts as mayor of Charlotte, but did not say such cooperation has been absent in his Republican legislature. Nor has he listened to the voices of physicians and nurses, teachers, the uninsured, the unemployed, the poor, middle-class taxpayers, environmental scientists or local governments and school boards, not to mention African-Americans, Latinos, women and students.

Now voters will have a tougher time removing him and his colleagues from office, given Republican moves to cut access to the polls and create gerrymandered districts. But, as “Moral Mondays” symbolize, efforts will go on to restore and advance equity and justice for all in North Carolina.

Nancy Milio

Chapel Hill

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