Owners celebrate success with ice cream, dinner, coffee names

Staff writerJuly 22, 2013 

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges asked small-business owners how they celebrate the small successes within their business. This is what they said.

• “I embrace all successes and what I call ‘learning experiences’ in a written file labeled ‘To Be Continued,’ with a few notes and the date,” said Suzanne Libfraind owner of Wardrobe Consulting, which offers personalized shopping services and fashion seminars. “Every quarter I go back to the file and reflect on how I can use these successes to grow my business.”

• “When an employee comes up with a great idea for an espresso drink, we all get together and try making it,” said Elizabeth Flynn, owner of Groovy Duck Bakery, a Raleigh business that specializes in 50 varieties of muffins, along with cakes, pies and coffee drinks. “If it is successful and tasty, we give the latte a name that somehow includes that employee’s name in a fun way, and put it on the board. There’s a small celebratory smile on the barista’s face every time a customer orders their namesake.”

• “If we have a busy day, then we generally earn more tips from customers. The tips are divided among all the employees at our restaurant. Also, after a well-run shift, our managers have treated the employees to ice cream,” said Mounir Saleh, owner of Neomonde Cafe & Market, a Mediterranean deli and grocery in North Raleigh.

• “The Unleashed staff celebrates successes with our business by going out for a nice dinner after a long day of work,” said Hilal Jihad Chami, a store manager for Unleashed the Dog & Cat Stores, which has three locations in Raleigh and one in Wilmington.

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