Jonathan Coburn: Folt needs to clean up UNC

July 23, 2013 

Clean up UNC

Is there anyone at UNC who does not contribute to covering up its athletic shenanigans (“UNC faculty leader pushed rewrite to keep NCAA away” July 21)? Every new story strengthens the perception that UNC is an ethical cesspool, is incapable of honest introspection and is more concerned with damage control and PR spin than doing the right thing.

But the never-ending scandal provides new chancellor Carol Folt with an opportunity to take bold action to change the culture, establish her authority and restore the reputation of the university all at once. Appoint a retired federal prosecutor with absolutely no ties to UNC to conduct a truly independent investigation; have that person report directly to her; give that person complete autonomy and access to all information; let everyone working for the university know that lack of cooperation will have consequences; and publically commit to publish the results.

UNC may have to take some lumps in the short term, but it will emerge with renewed respect for having confronted and solved its problems honestly and openly.

Jonathan Coburn

Holly Springs

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