Robert E. Hall: Renewable energy worth cost

July 23, 2013 

Worth the cost

In his July 10 column “A solution with no problem,” Marc Landry missed the point that renewable forms of energy are to minimize greenhouse gases, mainly CO2, which cause global climate change.

Landry stated some facts to try to make his misleading point. We have plenty of fossil and nuclear fuels to generate all of the electricity we need for the “foreseeable future.” Likely in the lifetime of our grandchildren, we will start running out of fossil fuels. Nuclear power has potential now that the technology is improved, but there is still the problem of radioactive waste.

Landry said “recent developments in technology are making natural gas so abundant,” but he never uses the word fracking, which is what he is talking about. Fracking can cause serious problems because chemicals that are forced into the subsurface can poison well water. Even worse, our state legislature has proposed a bill allowing companies to use chemicals for fracking without identifying them.

Maybe Landry isn’t willing to pay 42 cents a month to develop new energy technology, but I am, and I imagine others are as well.

Robert E. Hall


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