Cari Boram: Can McCrory keep promise?

July 24, 2013 

Can McCrory keep promise?

I am disappointed by Gov. Pat McCrory’s backpedaling on recently proposed abortion legislation.

He astutely highlighted the problems associated with House Bill 695, recognizing that lawmakers’ sneak attack would only serve to unnecessarily limit women’s access to abortion care in our state.

He has since all but endorsed Senate Bill 353, which contains only minor revisions and some token language that new, yet-to-be-written regulations should not unduly restrict access.

North Carolina already has standards in place for abortion clinics. The DHHS has indicated that understaffing curbs its ability to conduct routine on-site reviews.

If we are all truly concerned about patient safety and quality care, why not appropriately fund and organize the agency charged with oversight and support of our abortion providers?

Statistics show that abortion is one of the safest and most common medical procedures; it is also highly regulated.

Unfortunately, it appears that our state, like many others, has succumbed to concerted, national anti-choice efforts to stop abortion by making it more difficult and more costly to provide and obtain. This is not safer for women.

Cari Boram


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