Ellen Buck: Aides’ phone decorum lacking

July 24, 2013 

Decorum lacking

We have lived in North Carolina 30 years, my husband a veteran of 21 years Army service.

Recently, I called the office of Sen. Phil Berger to express my opposition to the voter ID law.

The aides working in his office were unprofessional and rude.

Their duty is to pass information on to the senator, a servant of the state for which he is elected by us, his constituents.

I expressed that in Australia it is mandatory for all citizens to vote, unlike America where Southern states are suppressing the vote, denying the old, poor, disabled and others the right to participate in their democracy. I was rudely told, “Why don’t I just move to Australia then?” before being hung up on.

I was appalled that office aides know little about dealing with constituents regardless of their views. What happened to decorum and manners? At the very least these unprofessional aides should be instructed on proper phone manners, at most they should be fired.

Draconian actions by Republicans against women, social safety nets and healthcare among other things, have driven us from this very broken Republican party. Add to this, being treated like scum when expressing opinions to elected officials.

Ellen Buck


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