Jessica N. Holmes: ‘Mondays’ will endure

July 24, 2013 

‘Mondays’ will endure

I am one of thousands inspired by the fervent speeches of Rev. William Barber and other speakers at “Moral Monday.” The movement has garnered national attention, compelled hundreds to engage in civil disobedience and exposed retrogressive policies forced upon us by a runaway General Assembly. I have yelled, “always forward and not one step back” with the masses and sang old spiritual hymns while holding hands with new friends on Halifax Mall.

As we near the final days of the legislative session, many of us are wondering what we are supposed to do now? The list of issues that need attention is overwhelming. My challenge to “Moral Monday” goers is to join me in making a personal commitment to take action. Identify a social problem and learn how you can help fix it. We have been dealt a bad deal; even so, our commitment to our communities is not legislated on Jones Street. Let us be creative in changing our communities in a way that only we can. We have engaged our collective voices, now we have to manage the storm and turn our angst into action.

Jessica N. Holmes


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