Barbara Vandenbergh: Let school board rule

July 24, 2013 

Let school board rule

Wow, what arrogance by Sen. Neal Hunt! After his bill to take away the authority to construct schools from the Wake County Board of Education failed in a House committee, he is still trying to get his bad idea made into law. Only Wake County is now included in the bill. The other counties were taken out in an attempt to make it more palatable to legislators (“Bill would flip school construction oversight” July 19).

Wake County’s Board of Education has done a great job building schools. The board and its professional staff have effectively managed more than $2.2 billion in construction expenses, completing 42 schools and 62 major renovations since 2001. Responsibility for school construction does not need to be moved to the county commissioners.

Wake County is planning a bond referendum for the fall. This bond is imperative to pay for desperately needed schools and renovations. Controversy over this outrageous attempt to remove the school board’s authority will hurt the campaign to pass the bond. N.C. House members, can refuse this outrageous power grab by voting against this bill, House Bill 726: “Wake County Commissioners Responsible for School Construction.”

It is a terrible idea that hurts residents by removing the checks and balances in the current system.

Barbara Vandenbergh


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