Vincent J. Kopp: McCrory’s mail box full

July 25, 2013 

McCrory’s mail box full

And so it goes: I called to register my opinion to the governor about the pending budget. It might have been favorable, it might not have been. Does it matter?

Got a perky-voiced recording saying how valuable my opinion is, etc. Was redirected. The mail box was full. No message could be left. No indication was given as to when a message could be left. No alternative was offered.

If the governor’s team’s strategy is to make government work like a business, it appears its model business is one about to go out of business.

“Your call is important to us,” indeed. Dysfunction institutionalized? Citizen voices that don’t count for much? What ever happened to Esse Quam Videri?

Vincent J. Kopp

Chapel Hill

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