Colleen Lee: Power play failed

July 25, 2013 

Power play failed

So Rep. Paul Stam, Sen. Neal Hunt and the GOP Wake County commissioners “feel” their school construction takeover bid would have ensured voters’ willingness to support the Oct. 8 bond referendum.

Au contraire gentlemen, many more Wake County voters are likely to support the bond now that your “local politics power grab” has been defeated. Thank goodness for some “uncommon” common sense from 20 Republican House members who saw your move for what it was – a bad idea designed solely for political payback after Wake County voters returned the school board to a Democratic majority last fall.

The public is tiring of their penchant for couching blatantly political moves in disingenuous “altruistic” rationales. Not all of us are that gullible. Now let us all hope that we can take the bitter partisan politics out of school board decisions and work toward the common goal of good education for all our Wake County students instead of political one-upmanship.

Colleen Lee


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