Vincent M. DiSandro Sr.: Nichol not truthful

July 26, 2013 

Nichol not truthful

Gene Nichol derides hyperbole but then engages in it himself (“Hyperbole drowning honest discourse” July 22). He said that people should not say things that are patently untrue (and I agree with him), but then he did just that.

Research shows that voter identification requirements, rather than suppressing minority voting, has actually resulted in increased minority voting. This mantra repeated endlessly by the radical left that voter ID requirements are voter suppression is a lie. Apparently these leftists are in favor of voter fraud.

I also don’t know what he is talking about “already allocated unemployment compensation.” We are $2.5 billion in debt to the Federal Government for past payments of compensation. And why should we continue to pay people as much as $550 per week not to work, especially when you hear about companies begging because people will not take their jobs?

I agree with Nichol. Let’s have an honest discourse. Let’s start with the fact that we cannot continue to spend money that we don’t have. We can’t continue to have just half the taxpayer’s work to support the other half. We cannot continue to have policies like Obamacare, over-regulation and restraints on use of our energy resources, which are hampering our economic recovery.

Vincent M. DiSandro Sr.


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