Gary Parker: GOP needs to earn votes

July 26, 2013 

Earning votes

Given that there is no evidence of voter fraud in statewide or national elections held in North Carolina, the question is, why would the legislature impose a photo ID requirement in order to vote? The answer is that the people most likely to not have a photo ID are more likely to vote Democratic than Republican. Some states in the South did this sort of thing decades ago with literacy tests, poll taxes and such to keep down the number of voters who might think differently from them.

Notwithstanding the recent Supreme Court decision, instead of trying to keep these people from voting, the legislature should be trying to encourage more people to vote. Instead of trying to keep young people and minorities from voting, Republicans should be reaching out to them with a philosophy and policies and programs that attract their votes.

If Republicans fear losing elections in a “fair and square” manner, then they need to be looking inside their own party for the reasons, not looking for ways to keep people from voting.

Gary Parker


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