Chris Wise: No need for voter ID

July 26, 2013 

No need for voter ID

Every voting day I proudly participate in a fundamentally honorable transaction. I stand in front of a table and state my name and address. After being checked against a list of registered voters, I am given a piece of paper to sign attesting to my identity. The pollworker and I have thus completed a transaction long recognized as appropriate for the residents of North Carolina.

I also spent an election on the other side of the table and participated in this honorable transaction representing the State of North Carolina.

Reportedly in few more days my word will not be enough. I find this deeply offensive.

A modest proposal: If our governor is so lacking in personal honor as to sign this legislation, then: all of the members of the various commissions overseeing voting in this state should resign as a matter of personal principle; all who are scheduled to work at the polls in the next election should refuse to do so; and if an election is held, all currently registered voters should go to the polls, attest to their identity and wait for a ballot to be provided.

I was always who I said I was. I still am.

Chris Wise


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