Jodi Tewes: Fracking water, anyone?

July 27, 2013 

Fracking water, anyone?

Vikram Rao of the Mining and Energy Commission proposed what is, to date, the most dangerous and harebrained method of disposing of fracking wastewater imaginable (“N.C. lacks deep wells for fracking” July 23).

After acknowledging that fracking wastewater will contain fracking chemicals and “radioactive elements,” Rao asserts that there are only two “responsible ways to dispose of these wastes.” One is to inject it in deep underground wells, a solution that Rao objects to because it “can be conducted only under the strict guidelines of the EPA.” Since dealing with the EPA would be too cumbersome, Rao proposes that we dispose of the wastewater by treating it, and then using it “for drinking water or for agricultural use.” If fracking chemicals are a trade secret, how do we even know how to treat the wastewater?

Vikram’s article should be a wakeup call to all Triangle residents. The people who are writing the rules to govern fracking in our state are profoundly inept and utterly reckless. Drink up, Raleigh!

Jodi Tewes

Chapel Hill

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