Jason Childress: Relentless attack on educators

July 27, 2013 

Attacking educators

As I heard about the House and Senate’s proposed budget, I was flabbergasted to hear that included among the seemingly relentless attacks on educators is the removal of the pay bump that currently comes with a master’s degree and teachers’ pay being frozen for five years – a wound this budget makes no attempt to bandage. I remember hearing whispers of this being included in the budget but found it too ludicrous an idea to consider.

Unfortunately, that buzz now has behind it a sting that will be felt for my wife and me, as we are currently accruing debt to pay for two Master of School Administration degrees at UNC. Both of us would like more time in the classroom before moving on to administrative roles, but our FAFSA loans will begin coming due soon after our degrees are awarded. Thanks to this looming budget, there will be no 12 percent raise with which to repay those loans.

I am weighing heavily my options about whether or not to continue with this degree – it might be wiser to seek a master’s in a different field. Or maybe seek employment in a different state.

Jason Childress


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