Cindy McPhail: Children will suffer

July 27, 2013 

Children will suffer

God bless our children when school starts if the present legislative budget proposal passes. Teacher morale will be at an all-time low. Fear of being fired, transferred or harassed by administrators will be rampant among teachers after tenure is eliminated.

With no pay raise the stress of which bills to pay this month or of second job availability or viability will be nerve-wracking. If teacher assistants are being terminated, extra pay for extra work would be reasonable expectation.

Where will be the incentive now to become a better teacher with the abolishment of extra pay for advanced degrees? Even the strongest teachers will feel defeated before the school year even begins. Makes me glad that I don’t have a child or grandchild of school age.

The children of today are the taxpayers of tomorrow. I wonder what jobs, if any, these children will be qualified to hold in 5, 10, 15 years. Have to work to be able to pay taxes. God bless our children.

Cindy McPhail


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