As summer drifts

July 27, 2013 

To step out into these star-studded summer nights is to find yourself visiting with the queen of the skies. You will have no problem recognizing her, for she will be wearing her familiar cloak topped off with a generous sprinkling of diamond gems.

Summer’s breath comes warm and soft; it rustles the green leaves and trees in all their crowning glory.

The balance of the season continues its never ending shift toward change. The heavenly timepiece reminds us all that when the handle of the big dipper turns to point toward the western horizon it says the frantic greening growth that has been racing for a place in the sun needs to slow, leaves and roots firming as nature begins its annual shift from growth to seed.

Now that the solstice of this year is a month behind us, shadows can be seen growing just a tad longer with the passage of each day and each new dawn arrives at a slightly more reasonable hour.

Summer has shifted from full acceleration into a cruising mode. As the heat peaks, sounds soften. These days with nesting season over, bird songs are a trifle less intense, although the unmuted voices of mocking birds continue to entertain and command the evening and dawning hours.

Meanwhile the male cicadas increasingly fill the daylight hours with joyous fiddling sounds, akin to the hammering of a single string banjo.

Summer shortens, and the forget-me-nots of the heavens, the autumn’s stars, are now wakening.

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