Robert J. Felker Jr.: McCrory’s mighty pen

July 28, 2013 

McCrory’s mighty pen

One of the most celebrated signatures was that of John Hancock, one that ultimately created a nation. As I write this, another signature is pending that I believe will be infamous, rather than celebrated: that of Gov. Pat McCrory, when he puts pen to budget and begins (or rather continues) the legislative destruction of North Carolina’s public school system.

There are legislatures who believe that the public educational system is broken, yet my experience as a teacher leads me to conclude that the so-called repairs included in this latest fiscal travesty will only break it further. This budget increases class sizes and cuts personnel who directly work with students, which guarantees that I am less able to provide individual help to those children who need it.

It cuts funding for textbooks and supplies, further limiting access to resources I need to teach effectively. It continues to reduce morale by keeping salaries flat, removes job security and fails to recognize teachers who, God forbid, want to return to school to become better educators.

It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. It grieves me to know our governor’s will soon be used to ultimately harm our state’s children.

Robert J. Felker Jr.


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